Intuitive announces Intuitive for Papercut Print Management Dashboards

Data visualisation tools provider, Intuitive, has announced the availability of its Intuitive for Papercut  dashboards.

Intuitive for PaperCut MFis a pre-integrated BI solution which is delivered with a complete set of standard configurations. This allows the solution to be delivered and enabled within a single day at a significantly reduced cost and with superior analysis capability when compared with comparable Business Intelligence solutions.

The configured dashboards deliver significant value to both the IT department, and to other stakeholders within the organisation, who have an interest in understanding how printers and MFDs are being used by the wider user population.

Intuitive for Papercut is available through key partners such as Konica Minolta and Kyocera, who already provide the Papercut MF solutions as part of their portfolio. 

Once an organisation has implemented Print Management Software, such as Papercut, the Intuitive dashboards provide an essential value-added layer which identifies if print management policies to reduce printing costs are being effective.

The dashboards allow users to see clearly where print demand is coming from, and show the latest available usage data for multi-function devices, for shorter & more effective decision cycles.

The dashboards show CO2 produced as well as paper & electricity consumed by printing so can be used to communicate environmental impact to all print users.  And in addition, monthly reporting is automated and personalised for different budget holders

As Colin Stocker, Head of Product Management at Intuitive explains “Intuitive for Papercut allows organisations to identify opportunities to improve the efficiency of their print management infrastructure.  It provides an additional level of visibility that allows you to monitor the effectiveness of your print management policies and rules”

The dashboards offer flexibility to view data from the entire organisation or can be filtered to show data of interest (e.g. for one or more departments, for one or more print groups, for one or more groups of printers etc.)  These questions can be submitted to the dashboard on demand for quicker and easier analysis than with static reports.