Case Study: Project Control Dashboards with Escone Solutions

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Project Control Dashboards for Rigmar Group with Escone Solutions.

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The Business Problem

Escone has been working closely with the Rigmar Group since 2016 following the purchase of OpenAccounts and eBIS. The Intuitive Dashboards were included within the package although due to higher priorities within the business, they were never fully integrated. In 2019 though, Rigmar approached Escone for advice on rationalising some of its business processes such that the number of software packages might be reduced. At that time, eBIS was being used as a project management and procurement tool, while another systems were utilised for tracking sales prospects and forecasting, and as a result there was much duplication of information across the two platforms. The companies worked together to identify the additional functionality that would be required such that eBIS could fulfil the requirement for sales tracking and forecasting, and took the opportunity to add further features to support Rigmar’s business activities.

The Solution

Escone developed the additional functionality that had the added advantage of allowing the Intuitive Dashboards to be fully utilised. Project Managers now get improved visibility of their projects, Project Controllers can prepare and submit invoices in a timely manner and instant forecasts are produced. In addition, using iFrames within Intuitive, eBIS was then embedded within the dashboards so that Project Managers could make updates to their projects from a single-entry point. Escone firstly developed a proof of concept as part of the process to ensure that Rigmar Group had confidence in this solution before they committed to purchasing the full service. The ROI on this project added real value by removing duplication and creating efficiencies, thereby saving time and costs.

Business Outcomes

The business benefits delivered are:

• Increase on ROI – the client has achieved maximum value from the initial investment in the dashboards.

• Time Savings – due to the process being eased and allowing decision makers to concentrate on their primary role rather than administration.

• Consistency in the data management process.

• Confidence in system and process.

During the course of this project, we have been able to see the potential of the Intuitive Dashboards to not only provide a high-level management reporting tool, but also how it can be utilised to improve business process. The new features that have been incorporated into the product give this tool a new dimension that will allow for further innovative solutions to be developed.

Next Steps

As Mike Charles, Director and Co-Founder at Escone Solutions explains “At Escone we are very confident in our capabilities when helping businesses get the best from their software and our goal is to become the best in the UK at what we do. We are in the process of developing our own suite of financial dashboards using our experience of financial reporting and system process. We want to assist Finance Departments reduce duplication of effort, gain greater visibility of their performance and provide alerts for areas that may stall internal processes. We are only interested in providing products that deliver real value to our clients and by showing businesses the value in the way we operate, we will continue reselling Intuitive using our strong team and proven service .”

About Escone

Founded in 2015 Escone Solutions is not your typical business systems partner. With 25 years’ experience in software from both the customer and provider perspective, we have seen most things. Escone provides experienced solutions to companies’ problems, by providing an enhanced support service that improves businesses performance and end-user experience. Escone supplies a range of products and services which meet our clients needs. These include Escone Assist (our Super-User Helpdesk Service), System Implementation, Business Analysis, Organisational Change, Strategic Planning and Easy App Solutions. Our aim is to make your business work better.

About Rigmar

The Rigmar Group comprises Rigmar Services Limited and Interocean Marine Services Limited. Working across the oil and gas, renewables and onshore industrial sectors, both in the UK and internationally, the companies provide integrated services to support project development and installation, operations and maintenance, late-life extension and decommissioning.

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