Announcing our new version of Intuitive for PaperCut MF

Data visualisation tools provider, Intuitive, has announced the availability of its new version of Intuitive for PaperCut MF.  Timed to coincide with the launch of PaperCut MF v20.0, Intuitive’s new version takes advantage of the new data integration features of the PaperCut 20 release. 

Working in close collaboration with PaperCut, Intuitive is the first uses of the new Data Integration feature in PaperCut MF v20.0.  This means that users of the print management dashboards can launch them from the Data Integration tab within PaperCut MF, accessing the print management dashboards without having to switch applications.

Key new features of the release include the ability to be specify how much historic data you wish to upload into the dashboards.  In addition, the information to build the dashboards is now retrieved in a standard way, however your version of PaperCut MF is set up, allowing organisations to use different databases and operating systems.

In addition, Intuitive has completed updated its Knowledge Base to provide an online interactive Help Center which has been refreshed with new articles and will be continually updated.

The Intuitive Partner Portal has also been updated to include new items such as licence requests, access to the knowledge base and the ability to submit a support ticket all from one place.

As Roger Stocker, Intuitive CEO explains “Intuitive for PaperCut allows organisations to identify opportunities to improve the efficiency of their print management infrastructure.  It gives extra visibility to monitor the effectiveness of your print management policies and rules.  This new version, which coincides with the general availability of PaperCut MF v20.0 increases the flexibility and power of the print management dashboards.”

Find out more about Intuitive for PaperCut here

Watch our short videos on YouTube that demonstrate the Intuitive for PaperCut MF dashboards.